Claiming Your Gentle Soul Power

Gentle Soul Qualities

Well-intentioned, good-natured Gentle Souls make the world a better place.

They do this by their presence, their caring and their intent.

Their Gentle Power scares those whose stance in the world is one of coercion, force and bullying.

Because of who they are, it can be harder for them to stand in their power in the face of these intrusions.

They can become overwhelmed by the intense negative energy coming from those who are afraid of their own greatness.

And, Gentle Souls are very adverse to the idea of hurting others... often to their own detriment.

But what if they knew they were not alone? What if they knew there is an army of Gentle Souls  who'd time is NOW to fully claim their Gentle Strength? And what if they could fearlessly contribute to a positive shift in the world?

And what if they could do so without compromising their integrity - and in fact do so while becoming MORE fully their authentic self?

How would that affect their lives? And how would it affect the world at large?

If this reaches you, please accept this invitation to join other Gentle Souls in fully claiming their power and changing the world. Click here  to go to the Fearless Freedom Project Facebook Page.

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Bruce Eichelberger is a committed advocate for empowering Gentle Souls. For over 48 years he's explored powerful techniques for self growth. Techniques for finding inner peace. And techniques for living a life of fearless freedom. He coaches and mentors Gentle Souls to live their best life and share their gifts with the world. He supports them in developing the ability to neutralize toxic negativity from narcissists and other malignant sources.

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