Compassion as Power

Compassion as Power

In the face of negativity and overwhelm, compassion is a way to honor the highest intentions of your soul. It does this without you becoming mired in the swamp of human suffering.

It also offers you the best possible internal state for giving the best possible support for others.

And there are many other benefits of compassion:

  1. It activates the pleasure centers in the brain
  2. It boosts health & longevity
  3. It helps alleviate anxiety & depression
  4. It’s natural – it even shows up in the behavior of infants
  5. It can go viral, spreading out to the lives of others

My client, MB, is a sensitive person. She feels things far more than most of the people around her. And it was overwhelming her, making her job and her life difficult.

As we started working together she improved her quality of life using the Mind Metamorphosis™ technique and the Negating Toxic Negativity Process™.

Still, and especially with family, she was having a hard time not feeling overwhelmed when others struggled.

After learning the Compassion as Power Framework™ and applying it things greatly improved. These previously difficult interactions were much easier for her. She also found she was better able to help friends and family members.

These processes are just a few of the tools I teach my clients who are ready to stand in their power. If you’d like to learn more, email me by clicking here.

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Bruce Eichelberger is a committed advocate for empowering Gentle Souls. For over 48 years he's explored powerful techniques for self growth. Techniques for finding inner peace. And techniques for living a life of fearless freedom. He coaches and mentors Gentle Souls to live their best life and share their gifts with the world. He supports them in developing the ability to neutralize toxic negativity from narcissists and other malignant sources.

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