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The Gentle Soul’s Mixed Blessing

Gentle Soul's Mixed Blessing

Being a Gentle Soul – a kind, open-hearted, caring person – is a gift to others and to the world.

But it’s not always easy. That’s because Gentle Souls are more aware of the energy around them. And that cuts both ways.

They feel beauty, love and harmony with greater intensity than most people. But they feel the pain, suffering and injustice more as well.

And that second part is hard. They want to fix these problems. So they sometimes take on the energy of it. They internalize it. And unless they know how to deal with it, that can hurt them.

One step a Gentle Soul can take is learning how to quiet their mind. Other words for this include:

  • mindfulness
  • being present
  • inner silence

This helps tone down the intensity of being aware of hard things. It isn’t the only way to manage them, but it goes a long way towards helping.

One reason for this is that quieting the mind helps you center. And centering helps take you out of the whirlwind of worry.

There other layers to dealing with negative energy. I work with Gentle Souls to help them master their power and neutralize toxic energy.

If you’d like to learn more, you can watch a free 40-minute video by clicking this link:
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Bruce Eichelberger is a committed advocate for empowering Gentle Souls. For over 48 years he's explored powerful techniques for self growth. Techniques for finding inner peace. And techniques for living a life of fearless freedom. He coaches and mentors Gentle Souls to live their best life and share their gifts with the world. He supports them in developing the ability to neutralize toxic negativity from narcissists and other malignant sources.

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