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Your Story… And Why It Matters

Why Your Story Matters

Here’s a secret about how people see the world. Ready?

You do not react to the world as it is. You react to your internal representation of the world.

Want proof?

Go anywhere with someone you know. Let’s use a party as an example.

At the party, eat the same food. Talk to the same people. Stay the same length of time. In other words, have the same experience as much as possible .

Then, some time later, compare notes. You will find that your perceptions of the party are quite different. Sometimes they will be very much different.

It’s not that reality isn’t real. But how we describe it is unique to each of us. And how we describe our life is also unique. That description is your story.

What you will notice about your story is that it triggers feelings. There will be happy parts. There will be unhappy parts. And every other emotion you can think of. That’s normal.

The beauty of that is that your story is an internal representation. And that means you can learn how to change it.

Sometimes that change can happen move quickly than you imagine. But no matter how fast or slow, it can change. And no matter what you’ve experienced, you can write a different story.

Contact me to discover how…

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Bruce Eichelberger is a committed advocate for empowering Gentle Souls. For over 48 years he's explored powerful techniques for self growth. Techniques for finding inner peace. And techniques for living a life of fearless freedom. He coaches and mentors Gentle Souls to live their best life and share their gifts with the world. He supports them in developing the ability to neutralize toxic negativity from narcissists and other malignant sources.

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